Hourly Usage Policies
Please be sure to read as violations can lead to the immediate termination of your employee/caregiver.

Under NO circumstances are caregivers employed by Resilient Home Health Care allowed to work more than 40hours per week. The agency DOES NOT reimburse for overtime pay therefore; employees CANNOT be allowed to work overtime unless hours have been approved prior by an administrator.

Any timesheet submitted with more than 40 unauthorized hours in one week will:

  • not be processed
  • trigger an investigation

Your employee(s) must sign a form which acknowledges the following:

  • He/she will not provide services or turn in a weekly time sheet exceeding 40hours/week for all Resilient Home Health Care recipients for whom he/she provides services unless otherwise approved by an administrator.
  • He/she is responsible for keeping track of all hours worked per month for all recipients for whom he/she provides services.

Please be advised, under most circumstances, a violation WILL result in immediate termination of the employee and could lead to a suspension or termination of services to the Program Recipient.