Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified Nursing Assistant Job Description

  • Provides direct care to residents, bathing, showering, dressing, transporting, ambulating, oral care, assists in all areas of elimination.
  • Turns and repositions bedridden residents, observing skin condition.
  • Prepares client meals feeds residents.
  • Records meal percentage, intake and output.
  • Changes bed linens as needed.
  • Takes, records and reports Vital Signs, Temperature, Pulse, Respiration’s, blood pressure, weighs residents.
  • Uses Universal precautions to prevent the spread of disease.
  • Observes monitors and reports to licensed supervisor.

Physical Requirements/Demands of the Job

  • Extensive standing,
  • Walking, reaching.
  • Frequent sitting,
  • Grasping,
  • Manipulation of equipment and use of hands.
  • Occasional kneeling,
  • Crouching,
  • Squatting,
  • Twisting and climbing.
  • Frequent positioning of residents,
  • Involving lifting and transfers.

Specific physical requirements may differ based on resident care unit. Involves understanding written and oral instruction, reading and understanding written material (such as a medical record) and basic math skills.